Daughter of Kenneth

Common Name:  Skew


Skew Elf is Santa’s Personal Assistant. She makes sure his hot chocolate mug is always full and topped off with fresh little marshmallows. Skew loves being Santa’s assistance because she gets to ride on Santa’s sleigh. There is nothing going on in the North Pole that Skew doesn’t know about because she is responsible for making sure everything is on schedule. Skew also loves to spend her lunch in the baking department she is always munching on fresh cookies. Skew also loves fashion (she is the one that makes sure that Santa’s suit is perfect) but she can never seem to keep her hat on straight it’s always skewed.

  • Santa Ed Here is my cookie work station!.

  • Santa Ed Look! Look!!! I'll frost these delicious cookies using elf speed and Christmas magic!

  • Santa Ed I listened to what you said and decided to expand Christmas!!!! By doing so I am now the most improved ELF!!!! I am now enrolled in Cookie Elf School!!!! I keep my work place organized and tidy. I even share broken cookies with other elfs! I share my Christmas spirit and now will be able to make magical hot chocolate but now fresh cookies!!! Love your elf, SKEW