Nieriel or Nioniel

(Nee-air-ee-ell; Nee-on-ee-ell)

Meaning: Bee

Common Name:  Keyper


Keyper Elf is more commonly known amongst the elves as “Mama Elf.” She fusses and makes sure everything is taken care of. Known as a bit of a perfectionist, Keyper makes sure that Santa Ed has everything he needs to make things perfect for the children around the world.



Keyper comes from a long line of elves. Her great great grandparents come from Toksook Bay, Alaska on Nightmute Street so Keyper loves the cold.

Keyper adores her elflings and now boasts 10 grand elflings. Keyper says if there is any one thing in the world that would be the most important to her; it would be taking care of Santa and the rest of her elf family.