About Santa Ed


Sporting white hair and real beard, Santa Ed has never met a stranger. He waited patiently for years knowing that one day he would have the title Santa. Santa Ed started this part of his life simply being himself.

With his real beard he would go in to a Utah store and children and adults alike would stop and stare. Santa Ed makes many heads turn from toddlers to seniors walking through Salt Lake City malls and shopping centers. Kids flock to him, parents love him and Santa Ed will always stop and say hello. Finally parents started coming up and asking Santa Ed if he would be willing to talk with their child. Santa Ed found himself sitting on the floor more than once while children clamored to crawl in his lap.

For many years Santa Ed has been asked to play Santa at parties, businesses and many other occasions and has now become a favorite in homes and businesses alike. Santa Ed is available for you this Christmas season in Salt Lake City and many other areas of Utah.