Santa Ed says, “Christmas is the best time of the year for me! The sights, the sounds and even the smells of Christmas remind me of a time in my youth. The wonder of that special day was so overpowering and the love of my parents and sister would just set a fire in your heart that still burns today. I still get that feeling when I walk in to a store and see the wonder in the eye of a small child questioning, could that be Santa? They turn and run to their parents and ask, then the parents look and I get to see the biggest smile spread across their face! I just love being Santa!”



For many years now, I have had the privilege of knowing and having the most amazing person in my life. He is a kind and gentle man and each day that goes by is a reminder of how wonderful my life is because of him. Recently I have had numerous opportunities to view some pretty magical moments and would like to share them.

I just discovered this genial soul that I have known for so long is Santa. Now you may think you are too old to believe but let me share this with you. If you didn’t believe before, you will surely change your mind after reading this.

Each night that a home or business has scheduled this real-bearded Santa for that special visit, I watch him get ready. As if he is getting ready for work, he puts his socks and pants and t-shirt on. Pulls on his boots, dons his belt, bells and hat and you know, he looks like Santa, he sounds like Santa but the mystic moment really begins when he sees that first child. The world I know sees Santa as magical, but for Santa I am sure, it is the children that are magical. We gather the elves and start out on our journey to a home in Salt Lake City or one of the many other areas in Utah he visits.

Tonight for instance, the snow is gently falling, Santa has just entered a home, but not before filling his bag with goodies for the kids and making sure he has enough candy canes for all. You hear some bells jingle quite loudly, catch a glimpse of white fur and then comes that jolly Ho-Ho-Ho! The door to the house bursts open and you hear the excited hushed tones of the children whisper…Santa.

With the stage set, at that moment, the softly falling snow, Santa’s bells and his Ho-Ho-Ho; a transformation takes place the moment he sees the children. It is as if the man I thought I knew walks through a nearly invisible shimmering wall and he is Santa. He is bewitching and leaves young and old alike in the room awestruck!

Santa is completely unaware of the impact of his visit because for him there is no one else in the world but that little child on his knee. The children, the look on their faces and in their eyes tell me they are seeing Santa Clause before them and they are mesmerized and so am I. I whisper Santa and I too am whisked away to a land of fairytales and enchantment, a place where the elves have pointed ears and there is a workshop, a place of flying reindeer and I know that the man I thought I knew is this amazing magical being from the North Pole and I believe!