Beriadan Elf


Meaning: Defender of Men

Common Name: Zippy


Zippy Elf: Aptly named, from the time he was born this little elf has never stopped. Not only is he zippy in his actions, but he is the fastest learner at the North Pole. Zippy was born and almost immediately was dancing or being a monkey or just plain in to everything in sight. He buzzed all over the house. His mom Bookster Elf said if she didn’t know better, she thought he was born with wings and indeed he was. As he developed and was able to sit up and walk (which he did mighty fast) and undeniably he sprouted wings.


Zippy has lived up to his name in learning as well. He was at the top of his class and being advanced quickly. There is no subject this little elf hasn’t mastered even at the age of 5 years old. Even now Zippy has found a quiet little spot in the kitchen where he can sit and watch all the elves hard at work making the candy canes Santa will journey with this Christmas. He watches for a while and then goes home and mimics them with his play kitchen he got for Christmas a few years ago. Santa expects it won’t be long before Zippy will be an Elf-in-Training and not long after that he will be asking for a job as a Candy Cane Specialist Trainee - (C.C.S.T.).