Thalionwen or Calloniel

(Thah-lee-on-wehn; Cahl-lohn-ee-ell)

Meaning: Hero

Common Name: Twinkle


Thaliowen was born in the early spring when the snow was still incredibly deep. She was the first born child of Bookster and not only was her beauty breathtaking, but it was soon apparent that she quickly brought about a great calming effect to everyone around her. Unbeknownst to anyone, this talent would develop as this little elf grew. However, unlike her elven brothers, Thaliowen was very slow and methodical in her development. Everything she does is for a reason and carefully done. Early on Santa discovered Thaliowen’s special gift with healing the first time he saw her heal a broken heart. He hopes that she will grow and develop her special talent and become the Spring Healing Priestess of the North Pole.